What is valeting?

Car valeting is the process of cleaning, polishing and waxing a vehicle by hand in order to achieve an as-new look and enhance the resale value.

This usually includes cleaning the wheels & door shuts, washing, polishing and waxing the bodywork, dressing exterior plastics and tyres, polishing brightwork, polishing the glass and decontaminationg the vehicle of iron filings / industrial fallout / tar spots / tree sap – which all cause the paint to feel rough, and dulling the appearance of the vehicle.

What is detailing?

Detailing is a progression from Valeting, in which you take the extra steps to clean and restore a vehicle’s appearance to bring that vehicle back to its highest condition. This includes paint correction via machine polishing to remove paint oxidization/scratches/swirl marks and any other paint imperfections. There may even be times when wet sanding is needed to restore a vehicle’s paintwork because of bad paint repairs, or deep scratches that can only be removed by wet sanding. This may also include touching up stone chips and other paint blemishes during a detail, to really make sure that your vehicle is in the best condition possible upon collection. Where necessary, wheels will also be removed for more thorough cleaning of inside the vehicles alloys, inside the arches, and even down to suspension components and brake calipers etc if they have the facilities to achieve this. Details may also include some of the highest levels of protection for your vehicle once your paint correction process is complete to help protect your paintwork from possible further damage and to help with the maintenance of the vehicle for further months to come.

Is there multi vehicle discount?

Of course! If you are wanting more than 1 vehicle valeted at one location then we are more than happy to provide a discount on our valets. The discount varies with how many vehicles that get booked in and for the amount of work required, please contact us for more information (07597 041099,

Do you service motorhomes/caravans?

Unfortunately at the moment, we will not be able to offer any services for motorhomes or caravans.

Are you insured?

Yes – we are fully insured for all eventualities. We have a public liability policy and a fully comprehensive motor trade/road risk policy, which covers us should we need to move or drive your vehicle during its time with us. This also means that we can offer a collection/delivery service if needed.

What is the extra cost for a heavily soiled vehicle?

The cost will vary depending on how much larger the vehicle is than your average car or how heavily soiled the vehicle is. As you can understand, a large amount of sand or dog hair inside the vehicle will take a longer time to remove from the vehicle. If you would like more information or for a more accurate quote, please don’t hesitate to let us know (07597 041099,

If pictures can be provided of the vehicle in question, it will be much easier to be able to provide a more accurate quote.

What are your methods of payment?

We accept cash, BACS/mobile/paypal transfers or even pay us via card with our portable card machine.

Can I get a bespoke service from you?

Yes we are happy to create a tailor-made bespoke valeting/detailing package for any of our customers, so you can get the exact result you are looking for. Please contact us for more information (07597 041099,

How long does the protection of your products last?

The longevity of the protection is determined by multiple factors; how often the vehicle is used, how frequently it is washed, the general road conditions, the quality of the paintwork and finally which wax / sealant is applied. For example, the protection longevity of a sealant can be longer than a wax manufactured by the same company. Also its worth noting that the protection longevity on a used vehicle that had flat or oxidized paintwork wouldn’t last as long as on a relatively new car with good paint work.

However, as an average we would estimate the longetivity of protection from the some of products that we use in our packages to be around 3-6 months.

How long will it take to valet / detail my vehicle?

The length of time it will take for us to complete our service for you will entirely depend on the size and condition of the vehicle being worked upon and the valeting service you are interested in. Most of our services can be completed within a few hours, but Detailing packages will require us to have the vehicle for longer. For more information, please contact us (07597 041099,

Why is it important to valet my car regularly?

Your car can be a big investment in your life and maintaining the condition of that asset is the best way to keep it’s value. We believe it to be as important as servicing your vehicle on a regular basis. Keeping your car in great condition will not only help interest buyers when the time comes to sell, but can also help to add to the re-sale value of the vehicle if maintained properly and carefully.

What is Liquid Aqua protection in your gold star valet?

The Liquid Aqua Wax is a liquid product that is sprayed over the car while it is still wet and then rinsed off with our pressure washer, adding a protective layer of Si02 coating to all exterior surfaces at the wash stage. This then gives your vehicle a protective coat, especially from elements such as UV-rays, bird droppings, salt etc. It can also be topped up again for a longer lasting protection by adding another coat with your next wash.


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