New cars have an unbeatable look and feel to them that can quickly disappear, but we can prolong that feeling with our new car detailing kit. Your car will not only leave the detailing bay looking better than new and protected, but it will also feel and look newer for longer, preserving its value.

Protect your investment from day one with all of our extra coating options, too. We can provide more than just protection for your vehicle’s paintwork, meaning you can have every aspect of your new car ready for the road.

1. Full exterior wash, starting with the wheels and wheel arches. Then moving on using a citrus pre-cleaner and snow foam pre-wash, followed by a 2 bucket safe hand wash of the vehicle.

2. Chemical and mechanical decantamination then happens, this is by use of our Tar & Glue Remover, and a Fall Out Remover after and rinsed back down. The vehicle is then gone over with a clay bar to remove any other bonded contamination that may still be on the vehicle after the chemical decon steps, and is then rewashed, rinsed and dried thoroughly to make sure no remaining chemicals are left on any surfaces.

3. The vehicle is then masked to ensure any sensitive areas (like rubber seals, plastic trims etc) are protected from damage due to machine polishing.

4. Paint depth readings are taken followed by test spots are carried out to find which compounds and polishing pad pairs will provide us with the best result for the required stages of our machine polishing process.

5. The vehicle will receive the required amount of paint correction necessary to safely remove any imperfections and marks from the paintwork inflicted on it during the delivery and handover process. This will bring your new vehicle’s paintwork up to the highest level it can be before any coatings are applied.

6. The vehicle is then protected using a wax, sealant or ceramic/nano-coating of choice. This can be selected from our wide range of options depending on the desired result of durability or gloss.

7. Other coating options like Glass, Wheels, Fabric and all other aspects will be applied if requested upon quotation.

7.All finishing touches are then carried out, for example; all wheels are sealed, glass areas cleaned and rain repellent applied, trims dressed, all tires dressed, all exterior metal surfaces treated etc, if they have not already been selected for protection by means of ceramic coating.

Duration: Minimum of 3 days required, dependent on vehicle size and condition.

A free assessment of the vehicle is required before an accurate quote can be given. Please call/email us to book in for a free no obligation assessment.

If you’d like more information or to book this service, please contact us to arrange a quotation.

Please Note: 
Each vehicle is individually assessed and pricing will vary depending on vehicle size and condition – heavily pitted, soiled, badly scratched etc.


New Car Preparations are often overlooked. “It’s brand new! It shouldn’t need polishing!?”

Manufacturer Defects Removed

Your pride and joy may have picked up defects even before the keys are in your possession.

Gloss Enhancement

Make your vehicle stand out from the crowd! Restoring the shine to a like-new condition!

Lasting Protection

Paint protection that delivers on its promises and will keep your car looking bright and fresh for much longer.

Protect Everywhere

Wheels, carpets, fabrics, leather and interior fixtures and fittings all benefit from the application of protection.



Ceramic paint care treatment for cars provides unrivaled shine, beautiful looks, and superior paint protection on all painted surfaces of your vehicle. Excellent water repellence and longevity, with a lifespan of up to 5 years depending on aftercare.

There will be no need to polish or wax your vehicle after applying for ceramic coating paint protection; the ceramic coating will provide the only waxed glossy look and paint protection for several years, even after washing and drying your vehicle.


Amazing work done on my vehicle. Got the gloss enhancement package and very happy with the results
Definitely recommend. Lawrence is a guy that knows what hes talking about and achieves great results

Chris Williams


Amazed at how well Lawrence has my Avant looking, without any machine polishing ect. Fantastic service and a great eye for detail, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend black diamond detailing to anyone! Thanks, Lawrence

Jordan Watt


“Fantastic communication beforehand, very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to after-care products. Really nice chap, on time and an excellent job done. Car has never looked so good, will 100% be booking in again. Thank you so much”

Matt Barnicoat

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