Porsche Cayenne ‘Caractere Exclusive Edition’ – Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Detail

An absolutely stunning piece of German engineering, this Porsche Cayenne was booked in with us for our highest level detailing package. To start it underwent our full routine pre-wash followed by a 3 bucket safe wash. This was then followed by a full decontamination by means of a ‘chemical decon’ – tar remover and fallout remover sprayed onto the vehicle and then rinsed off, before moving on to a mechanical deacon – by use of our bilt chamber clay bar to remove any other bonded contaminates left on the paintwork. The vehicle was then re-washed to make sure all chemicals etc are completely removed from the vechile.

Once all the exterior panels and glass were free from all contaminants and washed down, the vehicle was dried and all rubber surfaces and any plastic trims were masked up. This is to help stop any of the trims or other non-painted areas being damaged during the polishing process.

To start the polishing process, we first off begin with a test panel. This means we can test various different compounds and pads to find what gets us our desired result. Using a mixture of Koch Chemie/Menzerna/CarPro compounds and finishing polishes, applied using a mixture various cutting and refinishing grade pads, it received a full multi-stage correction to remove as much of the paintwork imperfections from every surface we are able to correct without risking compromising the clear coat layer of the paintwork.

Once the machine polishing had been completed, it was then time to wipe down the car again with a IPA mix or panel wipe spray to remove any remaining oil residues left behind from each of the polishing steps. Doing this helps give the best possible base for the ceramic coatings to bond to, creating a stronger and longer lasting bond between the coatings and the paint.

Using Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum Light as our base coat, this was applied to all panels and left to cure for roughly 3-4 hours. We then applied 2 coats of Gtechniq’s Exo v4 coating as our top ‘hydrophobic’ layer, giving us some of the best gloss and water repellence from wide choice of ceramic coatings. These layers were then left to cure for the recommended 12 hours before the coatings are allowed to get wet or be out in any harsh weather conditions.

Check out our photos below of the finished results achieved on this vehicles’ paintwork.