The 2 Bucket Wash Technique

Every vehicle that is worked on by us undergoes the same washing treatment. Ensuring that it is hand washed using the ‘Safe Two Bucket Method’.

So what is the 2 bucket method?

The two bucket method revolves around using two buckets to wash the paintwork of a vehicle (we also have a third bucket dedicated for cleaning just the vehicles wheels). One of the two wash buckets is filled with a shampoo/water mix solution (wash bucket), the other bucket is filled only with clean water (rinse bucket), with both buckets having a grit guard at the bottom of each. Using a microfibre wash mitt rather than a standard sponge, our mitt is submerged into the bucket with the water/shampoo solution and used to wash the surface of the vehicle, panel by panel, working from the top of the vehicle downwards. After each panel, we rinse out the wash mitt in our rinse bucket and check that all dirt has been removed from the mitt. The dirt then falls to the bottom of the bucket and becomes trapped underneath the grit guard. Now the wash mitt is clean again, it can be submerged back into the wash bucket allowing it to ‘reload’ itself with clean, fresh shampoo and water to wash the next area. Remember to not let any shampoo or product dry on your vehicle’s paintwork, so rising down each panel after washing it is always recommended, especially if washing in warmer weather conditions.

Why use the two bucket method?

After we have pre-rinsed and snow foamed the vehicle, there will still be a small amount of dirt left on the vehicle. Each time a panel is then washed, the wash mitt would pick up more and more dirt. Each time the wash mitt is put back into in the bucket of water/shampoo, it will not only contain water with shampoo but will build up more and more small particles of dust and dirt in the water and wash mitt as well. The longer you keep doing this, the dirtier the water will get. The more dirty the water is, the more dirty the wash mitt is also getting. Eventually, this will then be like washing the surface with unclean water, whilst wiping a dirty and contaminated wash mitt over the paintwork, causing swirls and other surface imperfections.
To minimize the risk of swirls or other surface imperfections, it is important to rinse out the wash mitt between each pass over the paintwork. Only if it is clean, can it be moved safely over the surface of the vehicle without scraping the dust and dirt over the body panels.

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This is the level of care and attention that we put into every vehicle that we work upon, to make sure that we leave you with the best possible result.