The Multi Stage Paint Correction Package is ideal for those who strive for excellence. Swirls, streaks, bird lime etches, sanding marks, and other paintwork imperfections can be removed using multiple stages of wet sanding and paint correction techniques.

Black Diamond Detailing aim to achieve a 90 percent + correction rate over multiple different stages of paint correction and look provide a finish to the vehicle’s paintwork that sometimes can offer higher quality than when it rolled off the factory line. This includes wet sanding in localized areas to remove heavy scratches/imperfections or to help get rid of the orange peel effect that can sometimes be found on a panel after paint repairs in a body shop.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to achieve 100 percent correction; compromises must be made in places with thin clear coat where it’s unrealistic to lose lacquer and risk striking through. Or often, scratches can be too deep to remove by wet sanding, so will always need paint (though these can be visibly improved by using proper machine polishing and paint touch-in techniques).

1. Full exterior wash, starting with the wheels and wheel arches. Then moving on using a citrus pre-cleaner and snow foam pre-wash, followed by a 2 bucket safe hand wash of the vehicle.

2. Chemical and mechanical decantamination then happens, this is by use of our Tar & Glue Remover, and a Fall Out Remover after and rinsed back down. The vehicle is then gone over with a clay bar to remove any other bonded contamination that may still be on the vehicle after the chemical decon steps, and is then rewashed, rinsed and dried thoroughly to make sure no remaining chemicals are left on any surfaces.

3. The vehicle is then masked to ensure any sensitive areas (like rubber seals, plastic trims etc) are protected from damage due to machine polishing.

4. Paint depth readings are taken followed by test spots. These test spots are carried out to find which compounds and polishing pad pairs will provide us with the best result for all stages of our machine polishing processes, and if any wet sanding of deeper imperfections will be required.

5. We then start the multiple stages of machine polishing with the selected compound and pad combinations from the test patches to reach the desired results.

6. The vehicle is then protected using a wax, sealant or ceramic/nano-coating of choice. This can be selected from our wide range of options depending on the desired result of durability or gloss.

7. All finishing touches are then carried out, for example; all wheels are sealed, glass areas cleaned and rain repellent applied, trims dressed, all tires dressed, all exterior metal surfaces treated etc.

Duration: Minimum of 3-5 days required, dependent on vehicle size and condition.

 A free assessment of the vehicle is required before an accurate quote can be given. Please call/email us to book in for a free no obligation assessment.

If you’d like more information or to book this service, please contact us to arrange a quotation.

Please Note: 
Each vehicle is individually assessed and pricing will vary depending on vehicle size and condition – heavily pitted, soiled, badly scratched etc.


Why should I correct my vehicles paintwork?

Scratch Removal

We can successfully remove any  swirls and scratches that have accumulated over time.

Gloss Enhancement

Make your vehicle stand out from the crowd! Restoring the shine to a like-new condition!

Restore Colour

Due to the enivorment Paintwork to become dull over time, paint correction can fix this.

Paintwork Protection

For years to come, quality control will help to keep the better-than-new finish.


Paint correction is a concept that both experienced car detailers and car cleaning enthusiasts use all over the world. It refers to the method of repairing and rejuvenating a vehicle’s paintwork.

To effectively remove imperfections within the surface of the vehicle’s paintwork/clear coat, machine polishers (rotary or dual action) are almost always used. By reflecting light in various directions, these surface imperfections can dull, oxidize, or haze the surface, resulting in a loss of colour, depth, and gloss.

Swirl marks caused by inadequate wash technique, light scratches, etching from bird droppings and chemicals such as acid rain, holograms and buffer trails caused by incorrect machine polishing techniques, and random isolated deep scratches are all examples of these flaws.

While we provide three levels of paint correction, and service receives the same degree of care and attention.

Here’s what’s included as standard.

Full exterior clean and decontamination

Paintwork protection applied

Glass clean inside and out

Exterior trim and tyre dressings applied


Amazing work done on my vehicle. Got the gloss enhancement package and very happy with the results
Definitely recommend. Lawrence is a guy that knows what hes talking about and achieves great results

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Amazed at how well Lawrence has my Avant looking, without any machine polishing ect. Fantastic service and a great eye for detail, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend black diamond detailing to anyone! Thanks, Lawrence

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Super impressed with Black Diamond Detailing & Valeting who sorted my salty sandy doggy car out for me last week. Amazing value for money and incredibly conscientious job! Thank you Lawrence Bentley you star!!!

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