Volkswagen Polo – Ceramic Coating Detail

This Polo was booked in with us to receive some TLC to get it looking it’s absolute best. It received full decontamination by means of chemical decon – tar remover and fallout remover sprayed onto the vehicle and then rinsed off, moving on then to mechanical decon – the use of a clay bar to remove any other bonded contaminants left on the paintwork.

Once the paintwork was competely free of all contamination and all plastic and rubber trims had been masked, it was time to begin polishing.
Using Koch Chemie compounds and finishing polishes on various pads, it received a full 3 stage polish to remove deep scratches and swirling. Once the machine polishing had been completed, it was then time to wipe down the car again with a IPA mix or panel wipe spray to remove any remaining oil residues from the polish. Doing this helps give the best possible base for the ceramic coatings to bond to, creating a stronger and longer-lasting bond between the coatings and the paint.

Now it was time for the coatings. Using Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum Light as the first ‘base’ coat, we then left this to cure for roughly 3 hours. We then applied 2 coats of Gtechniq’s Exo v4 coating as our top layer, for the best gloss and water repellence, and were left to cure for the recommended 12 hours. The customer also wanted us to coat the windows and windscreen, which we chose Gyeon’s glass coating system – VIEW. This was chosen over Gtechniq’s coating system purely on rating and recommendations of the performance of the product.

Our customer was over the moon when she came to collect the car and proves that our hard work paid off.